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Cambodia is facing the same crime problems as Malaysia and Thailand, but it's government is stable and the economy is growing. While the country's police have been credited with reducing hard crime, the disparity between the poor and rich has meant that petty crime is rampant. Almost every factory in Phnom Penh needs a security guard. It's not unusual to see armed private security guards, but a lack of law enforcement means that private companies have to rely on government security forces.  security guard phnom penh

The Phnom Penh municipal police's office of private security management has issued a one-month ultimatum to premises owners who don't register their security guards. Failure to register can lead to hefty fines. Non-compliant enterprises can expect to pay a fine of 10 million riel ($2,439) for each guard they hire without a permit. And if a security company doesn't register their guards properly, it'll be hit with a 20 million-riel fine. Khlok Chunpheng is calling on premises owners to register their security companies in order to avoid being penalized.

While the minimum wage in Cambodia is expected to reach 190 dollars a month by the end of the century, it will be lowered to about R50/day. In 2021, the minimum wage will be a dollar, while the USD/Month in 2022 will be $1.00. Although the salary for a security guard in Phnom Penh is lower than the average salary of a police officer, it is still much higher than the minimum wage.

Despite the low salary of a security guard in Cambodia, it's still a lucrative option. The minimum wage in Cambodia is currently at 190 USD, and it's forecasted to rise even higher. By the end of the century, the minimum wage in Cambodia will reach $9.00/Month. In 2022, a dollar will be worth $1.00 USD, which will make it possible for a security guard to live comfortably.

A security guard in Phnom Penh will have access to a wide variety of types of security equipment. The most popular ones are those with a camera. They can be mounted on a bicycle or walked on the street. A security guard in Cambodia will have to be trained to ensure that the camera is not being recorded. If it does, it will be a great way to protect the camera. There are many places to hire a security guard, and the fees vary.

Despite the high salary of a security guard in Cambodia, the minimum wage is still low compared to the police in Cambodia. Besides the minimum wage, the government has also enacted strict penalties for private security companies that fail to register. A fine of 10 million riel is given to a non-compliant enterprise, and a private security company that fails to register is liable to be fined 20 million riel.